Hello students and parents!!!
This is such a crazy time and I know you all have tons of questions about what I'd like you do be doing for enrichment!  I am trying to figure that out myself because every building, grade and subject is at a different place, with different lessons, and took home different materials and some of you didn't take things home at all!  YIKES!  We will find a way to achieve some goals!  In the meantime, I am linking some sites from common sense media for gifted and advanced students!  

In addition take some time to: 
-Read a book for pleasure (instead of the one I make you read!)
-Do some Sudoku or thinking puzzles that keep your brain sharp!
-play set online, or 24 (these are both apps you can find in the app store)
-Learn a new skill-- ideas (how to hammer a nail, cook a dinner for your family, bake a cake, or knit a blanket)  My daughter downloaded an app to teach herself how to play the piano and its amazing!  Grow an interest! This is a gift of time for the self motivated learner like YOU!!
-And check out these sites for gifted and advanced students!
I will be in touch soon with specific assignments for each grade level!