Hutchinson Elementary ROARS!

Hutchinson Elementary Student's and Faculty


As you walk through the halls of Hutchinson Elementary School you will see the wonderful work that the students are producing in the classrooms hanging in the hallway. But in addition to the work that is produced in the classroom, we also recognize the hardwork and efforts that students put forth everyday to be a good citizen and member of our community. During the 2011-2012 school year, a team of Hutchinson Elementary faculty members worked together to create the school wide positive behavior support initiative that today we call ROARS! ROARS stands for:






We use the ROARS motto to remind students of these key character education traits that will assist students not only in the classroom, but also in creating a positive school wide learning atmosphere.

The launch of ROARS occurred during the 2012-2013 school year and was a huge success. With the help of many of the faculty members at Hutchinson Elementary the ROARS program has grown to be a positive addition to the culture of Hutchinson. Students are enjoying not only being "caught" displaying the ROARS traits, but also congratulating fellow peers on their own successes as well.

In addition to learning about good citizenship and positive character traits, students may earn special recognition for demonstrating these qualities by receiving a paw sticker. If a student receives such a sticker, he/she will decorate a paper paw, detailing why he/she received the paw sticker, and submit it for display in the lobby or another prominent place in the school.

Entire classrooms have the opportunity to earn a “paw” as well by demonstrating positive behavior in the cafeteria, hallways, special area classes, and on the playground. Once a classroom has earned five paws, spelling out the word “ROARS,” it will be recognized with a lionfish, which can be proudly displayed outside of the classroom.

When visiting Hutchinson, please take a moment to review the paws and lions on display that recognize the many positive contributions our children make to our school. Your children know the meaning of Respect, Ownership, Attitude, Responsibility, and Safety, and we are confident that, when visiting us and speaking with them about school, you will see ROARS firmly in place. Please ask your children about ROARS, and encourage them to put ROARS into practice at school and at home every day.