Christa Stedeford - First Grade

Dear First Grade Families,

To best utilize the time out of our classroom due to the closure of the district, I have compiled lessons the students can work on during the time off. They should be able to complete most of the work independently, but will need your help with directions, what to accomplish each day, etc.I will also post information on my school web page. Please be sure to send all workbook pages and books back to school the day we return, as we will need them as part of our classroom learning. Thank you for helping keep the students on track and learning during this break in routine. I look forward to a quick return to learning in our classroom. Thank you so much for your support.


Mrs. Stedeford


  • Fundations

* practice trick words

* practice sounds/nonsense words/real words/phrases

  • Each day write 3 sentences in your journal about what you did each day, any topic you wish for creative writing, any short story, or poem and illustrate your writing. Remember to put uppercases and end marks on each sentence. Ask yourself, do my words make sense?
  • English/Language Arts-Journeys

* Week 1 Lesson 22 Reader pgs. 46-73 Amazing Animals, pgs.70-72- The Ugly Duckling

  • Day 1 Read pgs. 46-73, then just read Amazing Animals each day
  • Complete Reader’s notebook pages 93-101

* Week 2 Lesson 23 Reader pgs. 78-111 -Whistle for Wille, pgs. 108-110- Pet Poems

  • Day 1 Read pgs. 78-111, then just read Whistle for Willie each day
  • Complete Reader’s Notebook pages 108-119, 121

Week 3-Lesson 24 Reader pgs. 121-147-A Tree is a Plant,  Grow Apples Grow pgs.152-154

Practice reading these weekly stories, and read and discuss pages that go with the stories.  Also read any past stories, or stories you may have at home.



* There is a packet for each week. Start with Lesson #20 and complete a few pages each day. There is a family letter that explains the concepts and skills being taught. There are three weeks of lessons. (#20-22)

  • Number Scroll Books-Work on your number scrolling as you wish. Make sure you check for mistakes. Use a calculator if you need help with the larger numbers.
  • Complete any of the fun seasonal papers if time.

* If you have internet available- continue to access to complete a lesson each day.

  • The students use this daily in the classroom and are able to log on independently.
  • Class access code is listed on their yellow folders. They do this every day and are very familiar with logging on to the site.


***There are many on line sites for children to work on that are waving fees.  One very good one is Brain Pop.

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Welcome to Mrs. Stedeford's home page!
Teaching First Grade is my passion!  I enjoy teaching your children each and every day.  Together, school and home can help our first graders meet with success and celebration in our team classroom.  I value and appreciate your support at home. Thank you very much. 


  • Remember Library books on Day 3 
  • Spelling  final test on Fridays.
  • Remember your folder each day.
  • Remember your tennis shoes on Day 4.